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The Alabama Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (AL PDMP) has moved.

For patient look-up requests (query users), please visit the new site at the following link:

Prescription Data submissions (uploaders) will be accepted through the Appriss Clearinghouse at

If you had a query account on the AL PDMP system, please check your email for information regarding access to the new website. If you are unable to locate the email, check your mailbox's junk folder. If you need to create an account, please navigate to and click Create an Account.

If you require technical assistance, please contact support at 1-855-925-4767. If you have policy questions, you may contact the AL PDMP administrator at or 1-877-703-9869.

Please bookmark the new site(s) for future reference.

The Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) is a program developed to promote the public health and welfare by detecting diversion, abuse, and misuse of prescription medications classified as controlled substances under the Alabama Uniform Controlled Substances Act. Under the Code of Alabama, 1975, § 20-2-210, et.seq, the Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) was authorized to establish, create, and maintain a controlled substances prescription database program. This law requires anyone who dispenses Class II, III, IV, V controlled substances to report the dispensing of these drugs to the database. Mandatory reporting began April 1, 2006.


The goals of the Alabama Prescription Drug Monitoring Program are:

  • To provide a source of information for practitioners and pharmacists regarding the controlled substance usage of a patient;
  • To reduce prescription drug abuse by providers and patients;
  • To reduce time and effort to explore leads and assess the merits of possible drug diversion cases; and

To educate physicians, pharmacists, policy makers, law enforcement, and the public regarding the diversion, abuse, and misuse of controlled substances.


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